Premium quality leather

Are you looking for premium quality leather to manufacture bags, aprons, shoes, belts and accessories? Or to cover furniture and pillows with? We can supply skins from Europe as well as from South America quickly and in large quantities! Our large selection offers you many possibilities. There is always something that suits your needs. When desired, we can tailor-make the skins for you. we also provide crust and wetblue.

Why VMR Leather

  • 30 years of leather experience
  • Knowledge of tanneries
  • All articles always in stock
  • Custom made articles
  • Premium quality skins of European and South American origin
  • Possible to buy small quantities
  • Large selection in various prints and smooth leather
  • Fast delivery times

Interested in the possibilities at VMR Leather?

We are happy to assist you in finding the articles you want. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!